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Engage your audience with versatile, energy-efficient projectors by Sony for schools, colleges and universities. Long-life lamps and smart energy-saving features drive down operating costs while reducing environmental impact.

Short Throw and Ultra Short Throw

  • For classrooms, offices and open-plan meeting areas
  • Big, bright images
  • Dual pen interactivity

Desktop and Portable Projectors

  • Lightweight, durable, easy-to-use and reliable
  • Application-specific design

Installation Projectors

  • For larger venues requiring bright projections
  • Powerful performance

Home Cinema Projectors

  • From Full HD to 3D and 4K
  • For movies, sport and gaming

Visualisation and Simulation

  • Create immersive presentations and visual simulations
  • Up to 4K resolution and high brightness
  • Flexible installation with choice of lenses to suit any space

Laser Projectors

  • No lamp replacement
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Low running costs


  • Wall and ceiling mount brackets; trolleys and table-top stands
  • Replacement lamps
  • Lenses and 3D glasses

Case Studies

  • Laser projection with no lamp replacement
  • Watch the world’s brightest 3LCD Laser Light Source projector in action
  • Ten bright reasons to switch to laser projection

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