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The power of 4K remote image capture

BRC Remote Cameras

From TV studios and sports stadiums to auditoriums, lecture theatres and houses of worship – our sophisticated, dependable BRC remote cameras capture and stream broadcast-quality video footage in detail-packed 4K or Full HD. They're designed for unattended operation in hard-to-reach or unobtrusive places, with smooth, silent PTZ that won't disturb your subject.

The innovative Trace Memory* function records common camera movements, while our RM-IP500 remote controller provides stress-free PTZ adjustment for up to 100 remote cameras, allowing for seamless control of large and complex camera systems.

*Trace Memory will be available in 2017.

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Broadcast TV

Our feature-packed remote cameras deliver impeccable pictures in 4K or Full HD for TV stations, cable channels and internet broadcasters, and variety of production.. Excellent low-light sensitivity and smooth, silent PTZ also makes them a discreet choice for capturing the action in reality TV shows. They're made for dependable on-air operation with tally lamps, a generous choice of professional interfaces and genlock for smooth integration into multi-camera broadcast environment.

Houses of worship

Capture every detail of services, weddings and other ceremonies in any size of venue. Our discreet remote cameras are the natural choice for streaming crisp video footage in impressive 4K or Full HD from your house of worship to online audiences and members of the congregation. Remote operation with powerful optical zoom focuses on close-up details from a discreet distance. High sensitivity delivers exceptional image quality, even when lighting levels are low.

Large auditoriums

From lecture theatres to conference centres: our remote cameras ensure speakers and audience members are always seen clearly. Stream lectures, presentations and live performances with broadcast-quality images in 4K or Full HD. Speed, silent PTZ frames presenters and audience reactions with fluid, professional camera moves. With multiple interfaces, flexible control options and Power over Ethernet they're easy to integrate in any size of public venue.

Live sports

Our BRC remote cameras give you and your viewing audience a prime view of live sports action. They're ideal for hard-to-reach locations where there's no space for a full-sized camera and dedicated cameraman - like right by the goalmouth, by a dangerous bend in a race track or hanging from the roof of a stadium. Grab all the excitement in detail-packed 4K or Full HD, with speedy remote PTZ operation and powerful Clear Image Zoom to ensure you'll never miss a moment.

Live shows and exhibitions

Hundreds of different and unique exhibitions run at large venues all over the world, showcasing everything from the latest automotive advances, high fashion trends, to latest industry technologies. During the shows, presentations can be dramatically enhanced by streaming live content in 4K. With a Sony BRC remote camera, see details of fabrics and materials at fashion shows, or delicate stitching of interior car upholstery - not to mention the fast PTZ action to capture each moment.

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Network Camera Systems

Network Camera Systems from Sony bring together our leading range of 4K video cameras and infrastructure to give your business the edge.

4K Video Cameras & Systems

  • 4K outdoor video cameras
  • Ultra high sensitivity network cameras
  • Network video management software and recorders

Video Conference

  • Scalable systems for boardrooms and large organisations
  • Compact systems for smaller meeting rooms
  • All-in-one desktop systems


  • Multi-point Connection server
  • Firewall Traversal software
  • Recording Server software

Visual Imaging Cameras

  • Crisp, clear image quality
  • HD and Standard definitions
  • Exmor CMOS image sensor technology embedded


  • External microphone for enhanced audio
  • ISDN Interfaces to boost bandwidth
  • MCU license for multi-point conferences

White Papers

  • External microphone for enhanced audio
  • ISDN Interfaces to boost bandwidth
  • MCU license for multi-point conferences

Case Studies

  • External microphone for enhanced audio
  • ISDN Interfaces to boost bandwidth
  • MCU license for multi-point conferences

Network Camera Systems Technology

  • Technology to enhance image quality
  • Technology for remote communications
  • Technology for mobile video conferencing

Compare Remote Cameras

  • Compare our SRG and BRC remote camera ranges
  • Find out which camera solution would be best for your needs

Network Camera Systems FAQ

We answer your questions about Network Camera Systems, Visual Communications and Video Conferencing products

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