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Professional Audio

Sony's professional audio portfolio includes leading digital and analogue wireless systems, microphones, portable digital recorders, mixers and AV amps.

Wireless Microphones, Receivers and Accessories

  • Digital and analogue microphone and receiver packages
  • For all kinds of ENG, broadcast and live events

Wired Microphones

  • Comprehensive range of lapel, table-top, headset microphones
  • High quality shotgun and handheld microphones, plus accessories
  • Full range of accessories

Portable Digital Recorders

  • Portable high resolution audio recorder
  • Portable linear PCM audio recorder
  • Delivers video, still images, text and audio content to compatible screens


  • Stereo studio professional headphones
  • Rugged and comfortable

Mixers and AV Amps

  • Portable and compact audio mixers
  • Multi-media matrix mixers

Case Studies