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Sony 21,000 lm Ultra High Resolution 4K Projector

As soon as the first SXRD 4K projectors were introduced in 2005, the ultra high resolution and picture quality quickly identified these projectors as having unrivalled advantage over existing projection systems, for many high-end visualisation and general projection applications.

The SRX-T420 combines 8.8 megapixel ultra high resolution with 21K lumen brightness to extend the well established SXRD 4K family of projectors into applications calling for higher brightness.

The SRX-T420 combines new features such as new chassis design, improved optical engine and single lamp operation while maintaining compatibility with the existing ranges of lenses and input cards and operational interface. Users can benefit from enhanced performance while retaining compatibility with existing systems.

The existing SRX-T110 and SRX-T105 together with their predecessors are recognised in the industry as two of the most advanced visualisation systems installed in recent years.

  • Ultra high resolution projection

    Exceptionally high native resolution of 8.8 megapixels configured as 4096 (H) x 2160 (V) to clearly display the most detailed images without artefacts

    Pixels from the SRX-T420 are approx. ¼ the size of pixels from an HD projector for a given screen. Images are free from any visible pixel structure even when viewed close to the screen

    The ultra-high resolution of the SRX-T420 is more than FOUR times the resolution of an HD projector which can make system configuration simpler and more cost effective by removing the need for multiple projectors with edge blending

    Lower resolution HD images benefit from being automatically up-converted to 4K equivalent images for display by the SXRD 4K panel

  • High brightness, high contrast projection

    The SRX-T420 is the brightest 4K projector on the market to ensure high light levels on larger screens with exceptionally good contrast images

    The high brightness capability enables the SRX-T420 to better substitute for multiple projectors with edge blending or to be able to provide good light levels on large screens for presenting to large audiences in an auditorium

  • Superb colour tonal reproduction

    The SRX-T420 is design for the most critical picture applications. The xenon lamp used in the projector achieves a wide colour range, assuring a rich tone of colour reproduction

    The projector also features a Colour Space Conversion (CSC) function and gamma curve selection to ensure that industry standard colour space and gray scale is achieved for critical applications

  • Flexible input configuration

    The SRX-T420 has utilises Quad inputs to handle input signals up to 8.8Mega pixel resolution. The four input slots can be configured with DVI-D or HD-SDI input cards depending on the image source device

    Alternatively input card slots can be configured with a combination of different input cards for maximum flexibility when handling HD signals

    1 x DVI-D input is fitted as standard.

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