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HD Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) System

Easily connect multiple videoconferencing sites with crisp HD image quality and data sharing

This compact, flexible Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) allows colleagues, customers and other partners to join videoconferences from mutiple locations with excellent image and voice quality. It's ideal for small businesses and workgroups that need affordable, easy-to-use conferencing facilities with the flexibility to add more sites as required.

This cost-effective solution offers several attractive benefits compared with conventional embedded MCU or dedicated external MCUs:
- Lower ownership costs than an external MCU
- No specialist IT/administrator or training required
- Quiet and efficient, with no dedicated server room needed.
- Always on, with no need for ‘Host’ terminal to be switched on for communications between ‘remote sites’

The PCS-MCS1 connects up to four conferencing endpoints as standard. PCSA-MPE1 port extension software expands the maximum number of supported endpoints from four to ten. Adding PCSA-MPE2 software expands this further to a maximum of sixteen endpoints. Also available, PCSA-MSA1 optional software allows up to 16 users to join meetings remotely using their smartphone or tablet while they're on the move.

Just enter an IP address to launch a meeting, or pick a stored number from the built-in phone book. Conferences are crisp, clear and secure, with blur-free Full HD images and high quality MPEG-4 AAC audio. Intelligent Quality of Service (QoS) optimises transmission, even with changing network conditions. Participants can view images from connected terminals with a choice of split screen modes. Data sharing lets participants make annotations to on-screen PC presentations with a pen/tablet. The space-saving unit fits discreetly in any meeting room or conference suite. Installation and set-up is quick and easy, with control from a connected PC using an intuitive web-based interface.

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