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The HVO-3000MT video recorder lets clinicians capture high quality 3D images acquired with the MCC-3000MT Video Camera – or other compatible 3D cameras – in Full HD.

Documenting surgical procedures in stereoscopic 3D provides a richer visual experience that’s closer to natural sight than 2D imaging. Surgeons, operating room staff and consultants can view procedures with improved depth perception and spatial orientation.

3D video recordings also offer a powerful teaching tool, giving students a stereoscopic view of complex procedures.

The HVO-3000MT is a medical grade video recorder, capable of recording and playback of both 3D and 2D images. Full HD video images from the MCC-3000MT camera are stored on the recorder’s internal hard disk drive, and can also be stored on removable media including Blu-ray Disc™, DVD or USB memory.

During playback, high-resolution 3D images can be viewed in Full HD on a medical grade monitor such as the Sony LMD-2451MT, or other non-medical professional monitors.

Fully compliant with latest medical safety standards, the HVO-3000MT features a compact design measuring just 305 x115.5 mm (W x H) for easier integration in a medical cart.

This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals only.

  • Recommended Media

    For best Blu-ray disc compatibility and performance, we advise using the Sony branded discs listed below:

    Brand: Sony
    Model Code: 50BNR25AP6
    Model description: BD-R SL 6X, 50 pieces / package

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