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Powerful multi-media matrix mixer

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The comprehensive audio presentation solution in a single device

The SRP-X700 combines the processing features of up to seven tradition A/V presentation devices in a compact device. Through the use of advanced digital signal processing and PC interfacing, the SRP-X700 provides the simple to use solution for managing even complex multi-media presentation systems.

  • Save space, cost and complexity

    The SRP-X700 is only 132mm high (supplied in 19" rack mounting format) and contains the functions of 7 traditional AV presentation processors. The unit provides a highly comprehensive solution for the technical management of presentations, with the major benefits of small equipment space, no complex wiring and lower costs.

  • Simple to install and operate

    The SRP-X700 is set up and operated using a combination of front panel controls, two PC applications (User and Set Up) and various control ports. The front panel provides a set of simple faders and switches for instant control. One of the PC applications provides 'set and forget' control for the units processing functions, while the second application give for basic User control. In addition, SRP-X700 can be integrated into virtually any presentation system using its parallel and serial control ports.

  • Trouble free microphone amplification

    The SRP-X700 provides extensive audio processing tools, allowing the highest quality microphone amplification even in challenging environments. In particular the SRP-X700 can eliminate 'howl round' (acoustic feedback caused by microphone amplification). Further tools provide for enhancements to sound quality with a full set of EQ, compression, limiting, mixing and programmable delays.

  • Able to handle 'modern' presentation material

    The modern presentation system needs to manage DVD playback, PC graphics and video display material, and there is an expectation to have wireless microphones. The SRP-X700 has been designed to provide a simple solution for these three modern functions, including surround sound matrix switching, remote projector control and slots for WRU-806 wireless modules.

  • Improved system flexibility and efficiency by the use of digital processing

    The SRP-X700's internal processing can be recalled from 20, internally stored, Scene memories, four of which can be directly recalled from front panel buttons. This allows an instant re-set of all of the device's audio and matrix switching functions, so removing downtime between different operating modes. The facility manager can be confident that each recall will be digitally prefect, so further enhancing the performance of the complete presentation system.

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