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Miniature Electret condenser microphone

The ECM-88FPT is suitable for a wide range of applications in TV and live performance. Based on the experience of having produced over five million professional ECM microphones, the ECM-88FPT delivers exceptional audio performance in a tiny package. The ECM-88FPT is a beige-coloured model supplied without a connector (pigtail), enabling users to choose connectors according to their transmitter.

  • Versatile applications

    The ECM-88's minute size means it can be used in a wide range of applications, including as an 'on camera, lapel mic' which can be sewn into a theatrical costume. Apart from voice amplification, the ECM-88 can be used for many other applications where space is limited or the microphone has to be concealed.

  • Superb sound quality and low handling noise

    The ECM-88's 'dual rectangular diaphragm' structure delivers excellent sensitivity, low noise and a flat frequency response. This structure also minimises cable handling noise, improving its performance in challenging conditions, for example a windy outside broadcast.

  • Convenient packaging

    The ECM-88 model is supplied in a robust carry case with 'tie-clip' and 'Dracula' type holders and space for the DC-78 power supply unit. (ECM-88PT is not supplied with the holders).

  • Resilient construction

    The ECM-88 has been designed for 'real life' environments, for example the microphone is water resistant so providing protection from sweat ingression.

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