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Versatile workhorse HDCAM Studio VTRs with 24P-recording/playback capabilities

With the rapid spread of HD in video productions, the HDW-M2000P Series provides a cost-effective and feature-enhanced HD solution focused on streamlining the migration process to full DTV operations. This is the latest HDCAM™ Series of products from Sony that have revolutionised the world of movie making since the first model was introduced in 1997.

In response to increasing demand for 24P-based HD programme origination, the HDW-M2000P Series accommodates recording at frame rates of 23.98PsF and 24PsF to serve as a cost-effective entry to CineAlta™ operations. The capability to output the converted 720P signals allows even greater flexibility in your operations.

Invaluable functions available in the HDW-M2000P Series include legacy playback of standard-definition BETACAM formats and built-in up and down conversion* capabilities for the crucial bi-directional exchange of programme material between SDTV and HDTV infrastructures. Other quick and easy functions enable frame-accurate editing, high-speed picture search as well as the smooth sync of audio signals with pictures.

The continually improving line-up of the HDW-M2000P Series allows you to select the most appropriate HDCAM VTR for your operational and budgetary needs. With easy maintenance in a wide yet affordable price range, each model offers different combinations of BETACAM format playback capabilities. All products operate in multiple modes, including 59.94i, 50i, 29.97PsF, 25PsF, 24PsF and 23.98PsF.

A wide choice of models with high quality and operability for which the HDCAM format is renowned ensures the HDW-M2000P Series offers an economically balanced solution for HD programming.

* Down conversion is not available for tapes played back at 23.98 and 24 frames.

  • Affordable migration to HDTV

    The HDW-M2000P Series high-definition VTRs are not only affordable but they also provide a smooth migration path into the world of HDTV. A choice of five models suits budgetary and operational needs. As well as HDCAM recording/playback, the HDW-M2000P Series VTRs are equipped with backward playback capability for current half-inch tape formats*.

    * Playback-compatible formats vary by product.

  • High-definition picture quality

    Superb picture quality with high reliability and robustness are inherited from the BETACAM Series. The HDW-M2000P adopts proven HDCAM format and state-of-the-art HDCAM compression technology to record high-definition component digital signals. This excellent compression scheme maintains a high 140 Mbps video bit rate (data rate on tape of 185 Mbps).

  • Precision to improve editing

    The HDW-M2000P Series enables both insert or assemble editing with frame accuracy where each channel of video and audio signal is independently editable. You can execute precise editing on HDCAM tapes in machine-to-machine or A/B roll configurations.

  • Audio and image in sync

    The editing process is made easier by accessing recognisable colour pictures in shuttle mode at speeds up to +/-50 times normal playback. With the digital jog sound mode you can quickly and precisely establish an editing point while monitoring digital audio signals, which means they remain in absolute sync with the pictures.

  • Smoother audio mixing at edit points

    Like all Sony half-inch professional formats, the HDW-M2000P Series features Digital Audio Crossfade. This enables previously recorded audio signals to be read in advance using pre-read heads and then re-recorded onto the same track after being mixed with the input audio signal.

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