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HD Large Lens Adaptor

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The HDLA-1500 allows operation of the HDC-1500 HD portable camera or HDC-3300 SuperMotion camera together with large studio/OB lenses and 7" viewfinders. Unlike traditional lens "build-up kits", the HDLA-1500 provides a very simple one-touch cable-free mounting of the camera so that it can be quickly and easily converted from hand-held to tripod configuration.

The HDLA-1500 is finished in a pale grey body colour, the same as the HDC-1000 studio camera. If required, a dark coloured version, HDLA-1500/B is also available.

  • One-touch instant docking mechanism

    The camera can be fitted quickly and easily into the adaptor. This unique mechanism allows the HDC-1500 to be attached and detached without removing the large lens.

  • Quick mounting for portable camera head

    To provide efficient operation in studio or OB environments, the large lens adaptor has a unique design which allows the camera to be converted from hand-held to large lens configuration in just a few seconds.

  • Cable-free operation with all connections contained in "hot shoe" mounting

    Utilizing a newly developed interlocking mechanism, power, video, and control signals are passed on directly from the HDC-1500 to the HDLA-1500, without requiring additional cable connections

  • Built-in teleprompter power supply

    Utility power (200-240V AC) is available from the large lens adaptor, when used in conjunction with the HDCU-1000 camera control unit

  • Same handling characteristic as full size camera

    All the control features and functionality traditionally associated with full size cameras are provided in this efficient operational package. The HDLA-1500 also has a viewfinder position which is notably lower than the comparable models. This low-profile design significantly improves the operator's view, as well as minimizes the parallax between the optical axis of the camera head and viewfinder.

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