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April 18, 2016
Sony showcases 4K IP Live and ASPEN interoperability in collaboration with Evertz

Sony showcases 4K IP Live and ASPEN interoperability in collaboration with Evertz

SYDNEY, 18 April 2016 - At NAB 2016, Sony will showcase IP interoperability through its ongoing collaboration between Sony’s IP Live Production System and Evertz’s Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) solution.

Networked Media Interface (NMI), a key technology of Sony’s IP Live Production System, packetises, transmits and clean-switches, HD and Ultra HD (4K) video, audio, and metadata in real time over standard network infrastructures. With reference to SMPTE RDD34, Sony’s IP technologies use a low latency video codec (LLVC) to support the compression required for Ultra HD (4K) 60p transmission over 10Gbps network bandwidth.

Sony and Evertz will demonstrate the seamless integration of these technologies in each other’s booths at the show. Each demonstration will include Sony's 4K IP Live Production System and the Evertz SDVN solution.

Another advancement resulting from the collaboration is ASPEN-based interoperability. ASPEN allows for video, audio, and metadata to be individual IP multicast streams. Sony has been a member of the ASPEN Community since last September. At NAB 2016, Sony will display working prototypes which output and receive ASPEN streams for interoperability with other ASPEN products at the ASPEN Community booth (located at #N1000MR). Sony plans to develop its cameras and production switchers for interoperability with the ASPEN workflow.

Sony and Evertz will continue the collaboration for interoperability among the IP-based broadcast equipment of the two companies, based on the support of the NMI as well as ASPEN. This collaboration will provide customers widespread and flexible IP-based solutions from production to broadcast infrastructures.