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4K Medical Products

Sony 4K medical monitors and imaging products offer surgeons and clinical staff greater detail, contrast and colour than HD imaging. Offering four times the resolution of Full HD, 4K UHD medical monitors from Sony support modern hospital workflows with an accurate view of images captured by 4K surgical and endoscopic camera systems. This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals only.

4K - the ultimate definition

Detail when it matters most.


4K medical monitors provide four times the detail of Full HD

Find out how our 4K displays can present surgical images in higher quality definition.


HVO-4000MT 4K 3D Medical Video Recorder

Capture and store 4K video and still images from endoscopic and other medical camera systems


4 key questions about Sony 4K – you've always wanted to ask us

Clear, detailed answers from our 4K expert


Greater diagnostic confidence with Sony 4K

Find out why “4K is a 'natural next step' for improving visualisation during surgery”


Want to know even more about 4K?

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