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Image Stabiliser

Outdoor surveillance exposes camera installations to many different environmental conditions. See how Sony's Image Stabilizer technology can improve the picture quality in windy conditions.

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What is Image Stabiliser?

Installing surveillance cameras in outdoor locations often exposes the camera to adverse environmental conditions like wind or strong vibrations caused by passing traffic or trains. This can cause the image to be jumpy and will impact on the end users ability to visually identify vehicle number plates or a person’s face. Using the cameras’ optical zoom under windy or shaky conditions will impact this further; even the smallest amount of motions will be magnified by the zoom ratio making the scene under surveillance very difficult to see.

Take a look

With IP video surveillance from Sony, “seeing is believing”. The above video has not been modified. Showing the difference between image stabiliser being switched off and the difference switching it on can make to your scene.

Quick and Easy Setup

Operating in real time, the camera crops the image slightly to act as a buffer compensating for the shaking caused by strong vibrations or windy conditions. Switching this feature on is a single click in the web interface and doesn’t impact on the cameras performance to deliver Full HD video at 30fps (or 60fps for High Frame Rate models).