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Gyroscopic Image Stabiliser keeps footage steady with W Series cameras

Sony’s flagship W Series rapid dome network cameras combat the challenge of camera shake with a powerful gyroscopic image stabilisation system. You’ll see the difference with steadier, more stable video footage.

Gyroscopic Image Stabiliser keeps footage steady with W Series cameras

Steadier, more stable camera images

Sony W Series network cameras feature a gyroscopic image stabiliser that keeps images steady and blur-free – even if the camera’s being shaken in unfavourable environmental conditions.

Unwanted camera movements can make it hard to see what’s happening in a scene. Sudden gusts of wind or rumbling traffic beneath a road bridge or gantry are all problematic, causing jerky images that aren’t easy to watch. It’s even more of a problem at high zoom settings. Even the tiniest movements are magnified, making it difficult to identify subjects and analyse clearly what’s happening in front of the camera.

Today, many ordinary digital cameras use some type of image stabilisation to keep hand-held photos and video clips steady and blur-free. Sony adopts a sophisticated version of this technology in its flagship W Series of rapid dome network cameras that are ideal for challenging environments like urban areas and transportation systems.

The key to more stable images is a Gyroscopic Image Stabiliser that minimises the effect of camera shake or vibration. Thanks to advanced gyroscopic technology, it’s capable of detecting and accurately compensating for blurred images. This provides better performance than ordinary image stabilisation, especially during Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera movements.

It’s also useful in conjunction with the cameras’ powerful 30x optical zoom range. While other cameras struggle to maintain wobble-free images at such a high zoom setting, W Series with Gyroscopic Image Stabilisation keeps everything crisp and clear. And that means you can focus on what’s happening in the scene – instead of being distracted by camera shake.

Gyroscopic Image Stabiliser ON

Gyroscopic Image Stabiliser OFF

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