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Simpler, cheaper, more reliable cabling with HDBaseT

HDBaseT cuts the cost and complexity of modern AV installations, with a single cable reliably carrying 4K video, audio, power and control signals over long distances. Why get lost in a tangle of wires when HDBaseT does the job better with just one cable? What’s more, it’s easier and cheaper to fit and look after in buildings old or new.

Simpler, cheaper, more reliable cabling with HDBaseT

Cutting cable headaches

Cabling is one of the biggest headaches when you’re installing projectors, screens, sound systems and other AV systems in a new building, or upgrading an older property.

In any boardroom, lecture theatre, retail store or museum, content sources typically need connecting with various displays. And that usually means laying lots of cables, with further wiring needed to provide electrical power and carry control signals.

Problems can arise if you’re connecting devices over long distances in a big office, college or auditorium. Signals start degrading quickly as cable length increases, causing glitches in pictures and distorted sound. The solution’s normally to add booster boxes that amplify weak signals. But that’s expensive, adding further to hardware and installation costs.

More cables and boxes quickly add up to lengthier, more costly installation – whether you’re fitting out a brand-new building or upgrading an existing AV system. One small error in a dense tangle of wires can go unnoticed, causing lengthy and expensive delays to trouble-shoot. But now there’s a more reliable, cost-effective way to connect all those audiovisual devices.

HDBaseT simplifies every AV installation

HDBaseT carries Full HD/4K video, uncompressed digital audio, USB, Ethernet and control signals over a single CAT5e LAN cable.

Signals are transmitted reliably without degrading video quality or adding latency over distances of up to 100m. And that means that pictures and sound are crisp, clear and delay-free, with no need to add pricey booster boxes. And while our projectors do require a dedicated AC mains supply, HDBaseT can also carry up to 100W of DC power (over a CAT6 cable), reducing the need for extra mains access points and wires for other devices.

The benefits for professional AV integrators are dramatic. Just one readily-available cable replaces several individual connections that were previously needed. With HDBaseT, installation is suddenly quicker, easier and more reliable, with a reduction in labour costs and materials. And with fewer wires to worry about, troubleshooting is a whole lot simpler when you’re installing complex AV systems in a large building, old or new.

Growing industry support

Supported by Sony and other leading manufacturers, HDBaseT is great news for busy integrators who already enjoy a growing choice of projectors and other devices that support the standard.

In case you’re wondering, HDBaseT is an initiative of the HDBaseT Alliance. This industry grouping was founded in 2010 by Sony and other vendors to promote and standardise the technology.

It’s only been around since 2010, but the popularity of HDBaseT is skyrocketing. A report from UK-based researchers Futuresource Consulting suggests there will be over 21 million HDBaseT ports installed in the global professional AV market by 2016 – a 50% increase in five years.

A choice of solutions for pro AV installers

For over 60 years Sony has developed and refined a wide range of innovative AV technologies - including laser projection and 4K today – to meet the changing needs of its customers. Today, we offer a growing range of HDBaseT enabled products to support professional AV installers and integrators.

Ideal for corporate and educational environments, our latest C-Series and F-Series 3LCD projectors offer high brightness images at up to WUXGA resolution, plus a built-in HDBaseT interface for easier, more flexible installation.

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