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NUCLeUS: introducing the smarter digital OR

The smart Digital Operating Room is here. The latest version of NUCLeUS transforms surgical workflow efficiency, guiding surgeons and nursing staff through the planning, routing, recording and sharing of medical images inside the OR and across the hospital campus.

NUCLeUS: introducing the smarter digital OR

There’s a lot for surgeons and support staff to think about in today’s busy hospital. Inside the Operating Room, there’s a flood of critical information from multiple sources and different vendors’ systems. These include high-resolution video and still images captured by endoscopes and surgical microscopes, plus ultrasound streams, room camera feeds, PACS data and much more.

The challenge for hospitals is making sense of all this data – and letting everyone access the right information at the right time, inside the OR and beyond.

Now there’s a solution from Sony that helps surgeons and nursing staff focus on patients’ needs and make better-informed decisions. And it’s all possible while delivering significant cost savings for hospitals, with more efficient use of precious resources.

The intelligent hub in today’s networked OR

NUCLeUS is our powerful but intuitive Video over IP platform that’s the nerve centre of the modern digital OR.

Uniquely flexible and readily scalable, it manages the planning, routing, recording and distribution of multiple imaging and data sources across hospital’s standard IT networks.

NUCLeUS integrates seamlessly with surgical endoscopic cameras and other imaging modalities and displays from a wide range of manufacturers – giving you the freedom to ‘mix and match’ best-of-breed components from different vendors. And naturally it’s an ideal partner for Sony’s own range of high-performance medical cameras and displays.

Via its fresh, intuitive, new touchscreen interface, staff can instantly assign live video from endoscopic cameras or other modalities to any display in the OR, alongside ultrasound scans and patient records. Images can be viewed on multiple monitors in full screen, picture-in-picture or multi-split modes.

NUCLeUS can save valuable time and optimise use of resources, guiding clinical staff with a choice of predefined workflows to suit different interventions.

There’s also a growing range of apps to expand the possibilities of NUCLeUS. It’s possible to add extra functions – like an image stabiliser to ensure steadier video images from a connected camera.

With NUCLeUS the possibilities are limitless. Capture complex surgical interventions for later review and training purposes. Stream live surgical procedures from OR to students in a lecture theatre using remotely controlled cameras. Record multiple sources simultaneously, seamlessly integrating them with PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), Electronic Patient Records and Hospital Information Systems to provide a convenient archive of all patient and image data.

With NUCLeUS, staff in today’s digital OR can enjoy smoother, more efficient surgical workflow – while hospitals benefit from more efficient use of healthcare resources.

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