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Medical monitors with anti-reflective OptiContrast™ panel technology

Sony’s LMD-2765MD and LMD-2760MD 27” Full HD LCD surgical monitors feature an advanced OptiContrast™ panel that cuts on-screen reflections and glare under direct lighting. Boosting image contrast ratio, it’s the key to improved visualisation of surgical procedures in the Operating Room with clearer images and accurate colour reproduction.

Medical monitors with anti-reflective OptiContrast™ panel technology

Cutting glare for higher contrast

Direct lighting in the Operating Room can cause glare and reflections on the screen of a medical monitor – an unwanted distraction for surgeons and support staff.

Sony’s LMD-2765MD and LMD-2760MD 27” LCD medical monitors are designed to display detail-packed Full HD colour images from a wide range of imaging applications, from medical microscopy to ophthalmology and neurological procedures.

They’re the only surgical monitors on the market equipped with OptiContrast™ panel technology. Reducing internal and external reflections, this unique design optimises image contrast to give surgeons and support staff a superior view of images captured during open or endoscopic surgery.

Advanced optical technology

OptiContrast™ is an advanced optical technology developed by Sony that’s also featured in selected BRAVIA televisions and Xperia tablets. The OptiContrast™ panel features a unique ‘layered’ construction, with no air gap between the LCD panel and the monitor’s toughened protective glass screen. This gapless structure minimises internal reflections, caused by both incident light and light emitted by the panel itself. In addition, there’s an anti-reflective coating on the display glass that further reduces surface reflections.

By enhancing contrast ratio under direct lighting, OptiContrast™ technology ensures that colour reproduction is also improved, helping visualisation accuracy for surgical staff in the Operating Room.

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