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Responding to your needs for long-term ultra-reliable storage

Are you looking for long-term, reliable storage for large volumes of media assets? Do you need a simple, affordable back-up for recorded materials that you can access easily when you need them? Do you need rugged, compact media for material exchange in even the most extreme conditions?

Responding to your needs for long-term ultra-reliable storage

To answer these demands, Sony has developed the Optical Disc Archive system. The Optical Disc Archive is simple, reliable, high-capacity, affordable and eco-friendly. Based around the proven technology of optical disc, it can save you time and money. It has been developed in close collaboration with the digital content creation industry, has been designed to meet your archiving needs and comes with an estimated archival life of 50 years. We are proud to say that The Optical Disc Archive at its launch won a Best of IBC Award 2012 for archiving from IBC Daily and TVBEurope.

50+ years archive for all media assets

Optical disc technology is extremely robust and has an estimated archival life of 50 years, which is substantially longer than other storage media on the market. It also guarantees intergenerational compatibility, which reduces future media consumption and avoids the risk of data corruption associated with media migration and obsolescence.

Low total cost of ownership

To keep the cost of media asset management to a minimum, the system is designed to be simple, affordable, and eco-friendly. Moreover, with its longevity and generational compatibility, coupled with low power consumption and a wide range of acceptable storage conditions, The Optical Disc Archive system significantly reduces the total cost of ownership.

Open platform embraced by industry partners

The Optical Disc Archive platform is open and being promoted though alliances with global industry partners, with a view to its further development through collaboration and multi-sourcing of key components. The Optical Disc Archive Advisory Group includes leading global broadcasters working together to promote the adoption of the optical disc storage format among companies in related industries.

Eco-friendly design

The Optical Disc Archive system enables ever-increasing media asset management but imposes only a minimal environmental burden. It greatly reduces the waste generated by frequent data migration, and cuts energy consumption required to control temperature and humidity, thus reducing CO2 emissions. All in all, the system helps you manage your environmental commitments responsibly, both now and in the future.