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Go wireless: 10 reasons to streamline your workflow

There are no prizes for getting on air – or online – after your competitors. Being first with great-looking pictures is easier than ever with Sony’s wireless solutions. Save time and money, with support for live streaming and high-speed file transfers over Wi-Fi or 4G networks. Here are ten reasons to go wireless and streamline your workflow with Sony.

Go wireless: 10 reasons to streamline your workflow

1. Be first on air

Stream HD pictures direct from the camcorder for live playout at the station. Just add a wireless adaptor and you’re good to go – or pick one of our latest wireless-ready XDCAM camcorders. Back at base, the PWS-100RX1 Network Receiving Station can receive and select live streams being contributed from several cameras simultaneously.

2. Be first online

Internet contribution often means a separate workflow with a separate team. But working wirelessly with XDCAM lets you combine or separate contribution streams to suit your infrastructure – for online or any other departments that need quick access to footage.

3. Increase your audience

Audiences go wherever the story’s breaking first. Get top-quality pictures back to base faster and more easily with our complete family of wireless solutions. Send broadcast-quality footage back home as a file or stream over Wi-Fi or 4G networks ahead of your competitors – and watch audiences grow.

4. Just REC & SHARE

Our wireless solutions are also great for sharing recorded content if you’re not in a live situation. Upload low-res proxies or full-res files to the cloud for editing from any location – or straight to your home server for direct integration into existing workflows. Then re-link seamlessly with your high-resolution source files, whether they’ve been brought back to base physically or transmitted wirelessly.

5. Simple and intuitive

Who needs extra hassle when you’re on a deadline? Our wireless workflow makes life easy for ENG crews and freelancers. So you can start contributing wirelessly today – without changing the way you work.

6. Stay focused on your edit

Receiving proxies wirelessly from the field lets you spend more time in the edit suite – keeping you right on top of today’s fast-paced editorial agenda.

7. Best pictures in any conditions

Congested wireless networks can spell trouble for picture quality. Our PWS-100RX1 Network Receiving Station features unique QoS (Quality of Service) technology – ensuring that your story always gets through on only a single connection, without dropped frames or glitchy audio.

8. Save time, save money

Working wirelessly with Sony is refreshingly quick, efficient and flexible. Best of all, you’ll find that it’s available now for a fraction of the cost of other less versatile solutions. Why pay more for less?

9. The adaptable choice

Our compact CBK-WA100/CBK-WA101 adaptors add wireless operation to a range of Sony camcorders and decks. Transfer proxies and high-resolution files over Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE from the field. You can also browse content, manage transfers, check metadata and more using a smartphone or tablet.

10. Flexible third party integration

There are loads of ways to integrate our wireless solutions with camcorders and production systems from other vendors. So whatever tools you’re currently using, it’s easy to benefit from reliable, high speed wireless working.

Want to know more? Watch our webinar and discover how working wirelessly can shape today’s editorial agenda – while saving you time and costs.

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