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Digital Cinema

The future has arrived and it’s called Sony CineAlta. Sony has a proud history of innovation and technical excellence. Our CineAlta range of content creation tools represents the convergence of cinematography and high definition digital imaging.

Sony offers the Digital Cinema industry solutions from image capture and content management through to ultra high-resolution projection. Industry professionals and audiences worldwide are now appreciating the stunning performance of our powerful film-style digital acquisition systems and the pristine clarity of our 4K projectors.

The F23 and F35 CineAlta cameras have been designed specifically to meet the Cinematographer’s needs. These two film-style digital cinematography camera systems offer breathtaking picture quality, invaluable creative features and production flexibility.

Based on decades of expertise in projector technologies and recent stunning innovations in display panel technologies Sony offers the Digital Cinema projection system for incredible picture quality and maximum viewing pleasure. This SXRD 4K ultra high-resolution projector is capable of displaying images more than four times the resolution of today’s high-definition televisions. The immersive visual experience provided by these ultra high-resolution projectors is a clear winner.

With the increased demand for 4K content creation comes an increase in the popularity of shooting feature films, commercials and TV drama in high definition digital formats. Sony’s Digital Cinema systems offer workflows to maximize operational efficiencies and deliver the significant cost benefits associated with this digital medium.

Today, more than 150 Sony Digital Cinema systems have been sold worldwide. In June 2008, Cathay and Sony announced the complete installment of the first CineAlta 4K Digital Cinema System in Asia. Audiences around the world have enjoyed the 4K difference with many blockbuster movies now being filmed using Sony high-definition CineAlta cameras.

Sony has been recognized as the global leader in the Audio Visual industry for decades. Our customers’ requirements are diverse and we have a proven track record of meeting those demands on time and on budget.

Our design and implementation teams have a wealth of experience in system design, installation and support. Our established project management and system integration capabilities ensure the solution meets your technical and commercial requirements.

Sony is your ideal business partner to provide a total integrated solution to benefit your business and maximize potential revenue. With our highly effective teams and understanding of customer needs, Sony delivers the best solution every time.

As Sony shapes the future of movie screenings, the curtain can rise on the silver screen again.